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Writers CONduit is a 100% free Streaming Event for Writers to be held on Twitch. All staff, panelists, and moderators are volunteers who are wanting to help contribute to the writing community. We invite everyone to come watch the free panels once they are announced as viewers. No need to register or fill anything out!

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The first Writers CONduit

was held on

June 25-27, 2021

Topics we are hoping to cover.

Panels on Twitch

A host streamer will broadcast a conference call with other people on the chosen topic.

Panels for genres, short fiction, non-fiction, fan-fiction, action & combat.

Talk about what goes into world building, what it is important for authors as well as game developers. Tools to make it easier, resources to help.

Want to learn about map making? What software is available. Tips and tricks, pitfalls to avoid.

Learn to use websites like World Anvil, Dungeon Fog, 4thewords and others. Streaming 101 for writers. Crowdfunding. How to build your Writer Platform.

Volunteer mentors who will conference with individuals for a short mentor/editing session. Likely using Discord. Limited availability.

Ask Me Anything panels where the panelists answer questions from the viewers.

Talk about writing for RPGs and Video Games. Differences from writing novels.

Representation/own-voices in writing. Disabilities, LGBTQIA+, Neurodiversity, and BIPOC.

Join the CONduit Discord and share your suggestions with the Planning Committee.

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Disclaimer: Opinions expressed on this web site, in the official Discord, and by volunteer streamers during presentations/panels are not necessarily those of Writers CONduit.

Any information obtained in the course of the development of the event will be utilized for planning, communicating, and coordinating. All data is reserved for this use alone.