Writers CONduit Panel Schedule

Now that the schedule is pretty set, we’ve made a Panel Listing here on the website that has some useful features. You can search the panels; look up all of the events a panelist is on; find easy links to the assigned twitch channel as well as the discord room; use a handy link to add the event to your personal google calendar (to better see your local time); AND last but not least, you can create your own personalized schedule for panels you want to attend! Simply create an account on the website, verify your email, go to the event you are interested in and click “add to my schedule”. You can then go to the “My Schedule” page and see all the events in date/time order, or remove any you decide not to attend. Please note that this is completely optional and provided as a bonus feature.

Note on Timezones: All listed times are provided in UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) because we have an international community. It is very important to check what your local timezone is. You can do this a few ways. Go to the Calendar page and below the listed google calendar you can select what your timezone is. Another way is to click the “add to your google calendar” button on the event page which will auto convert to your timezone.

If you have any questions, experience any problems, or simply need help with anything about Writers CONduit simply ask in the #helpdesk channel on the discord or contact Lethann.