The Final Batch of Forms: Streaming Sign-Up, Panel Sign-Up, Tech Support Sign-Up, and Bios

Thanks so much for all your patience! We’re just two weeks out now, and it’s time to collect the final batch of information. Please be advised that all times are in UTC, and you will have to convert to your local time zone. For reference, the current EVENT CALENDAR IS HERE.

Final Panel Sign-Up / Tech Support Sign-Up

Some of our panels could still use a couple of hands on deck. If you would like to participate in other panels, or would like to help the people who have already agreed to be tech support for streamers and panelists, our sign-up form is here:

Your Bio

If you have already signed up for a panel, or if you’re about to, we’re going to need your bio and a promo headshot, plus a few weblinks so people know where to find you. Your bio should be one paragraph, should reference your expertise in the panels or events you’ve signed up for, and can contain up to 4 weblinks of various types. Here is the form to fill out for that:

Streaming Sign-Up

Now we need to make sure we have streamers lined up for each event! Most of you indicated the hours at which you would be available: now let us know what you’d like to stream within that time! Here’s the list of panels and presentations, and Chill & Chat spaces to stream. Just sign up by marking which ones you want:

Thanks once again for participating in CONduit, and we look forward to working with you!