Welcome to the Writers CONduit 2022 schedule

Panels are still tentative at this time and are subject to change by the time of the convention. 

Immersing Your Audience

RPGDinosaurBob - Twich Channel

Tricks and techniques for bringing your audience into your setting rather than having them watching from afar.

The Secrets to Writing Sprints & Tracking Sheets

WriterGreg - Twitch Channel

A discussion on how writing sprints and tracking sheets help new writers establish positive habits. Real-time sprints, tracking and prompts will be included. Join WriterGreg as he walks you through […]

Furry Fiction: A Rapidly Growing Sub-Genre

Siobhanthewriter_shivahn - Twitch Channel

Furry fiction is a rapidly growing sub-genre of sf/f with its own readers, publishers, writing guild, pro-zine, anthology scene, and annual awards. Learn about how to navigate this scene and […]

Overcoming Writer’s Block and Burnout

SigmaXDcoach - Twitch Channel

Writing Block and burnout can sap a writer of their creativity and stall their progress. Join Life Coach Greg as he shares simple patterns that can help you kick start […]

Creative Writing as a Mental Health Coping Tool

Clockwocket - Twitch Channel

Journaling, in the traditional sense, doesn't work for everyone. That doesn't mean that a writing routine can't be both fun AND help you cope with anxiety, depression, and so on […]

Running Successful Writing Challenges

SableAradia - Twitch Channel

All the details about how to run a successful and organized international event. The OHHOW admin team takes a dive into what they do to prepare and run a large […]

Mythology in Writing

Elikwake - Twitch Channel

Gods & Goddesses! Heros, Monsters, Legends! Taking the characters, and even stories, from mythology is fun, but what should you know about doing that? Are you stuck in using the […]

Free Tools for Writers

WoeNellyMedia - Twitch Channel

This presentation guides writers through some of the free tools that can be used for: brainstorming, outlining, writing, world building, character creation, even creating their own cover and marketing materials […]

CONstructing a Writing Community

CoffeeQuills - Twitch Channel

A discussion on how to start a writing community, maintaining a community and growing a community.   Chimera: CoffeeQuills

How to Write a Visual Novel

Sailingocelot - Twitch Channel

Find out how to plan and write your own visual novel with Sailing Ocelot. There will be strategies on how to use variables and switches appropriately, how to write the […]

Small Press Publisher AMA: All You Need to Know

StoryGirl - Twitch Channel

Happy to discuss anything from writing, being a small publisher, what a small publisher can do, how to query, etc. I am a small publisher (Artemesia Publishing) with 2 imprints […]

Faith in AI: Speculations on Tech & Artificial Intelligence

UsurperKings - Twitch Channel

“Our relationship with true AI will always be a matter of faith, not proof.” George Dyson called it. The relationship with true (or general) AI, resides firmly in the realms […]

Bookbrush Introduction

TheLadyWrites - Twitch Channel

Katheleen Sweeny walks viewers through the vast array of image and promotional options in the Bookbrush platform.

Streaming 101

Lethann - Twitch Channel

New to streaming? Want to learn the basics about getting setup, basic needs, reasons why or why not streaming is for you.

The Soundtrack for Your Story

StoryGirl - Twitch Channel

People talk about "cinematic writing" - but how many of us ever consider the possibility of including suggestions about music to accompany our writing? Some of the greatest novelists of […]

A Million Words, a Dozen Months, a Thousand Problems

AnnabelleWrites - Twitch Channel

A million in twelve months is a wordcount that is absolutely frightening to some and seemingly impossible to many, but what if there were ways to make it happen, would […]

What to Include and When: Efficient Use of Setting

ECCBooks - Twitch Channel

“Nothing happens nowhere,” says Elizabeth Bowen—a quote about setting that is paired, in Janet Burroway’s *Writing Fiction*, with a paraphrase of Jerome Stern which reads “a scene that happens nowhere […]

Lyric Writing

Maigavidal - Twitch Channel

Have you been intimidated by writing song lyrics? You already have the skills! Listen as the pros discuss the dos and do nots of lyric writing, their processes, and their […]

TWN Readings

TwnLive - Twitch Channel

Twitch for Writers

Siobhanthewriter_shivahn - Twitch Channel

This presentation is designed to help those new to co-working streams get started, and established co-working streamers take their streams in new directions. Topics to be covered include: hardware and […]

Press/Media Kits for Books and Authors

Shyredfox - Twitch Channel

Having troubles figuring out what to put in your book and author press kit pages? Knowing the information that belongs on each type of page and how to keep it […]

Screenwriting and Script Formatting

WoeNellyMedia - Twitch Channel

Ever watched a movie and thought "I could do that?" Or maybe you have a great idea for a script but no clue how to execute it. Come join the […]

Using Mathematics in Writing

TaraFaeBelle - Twitch Channel

"Maths tells us how the world works in the language of solvable problems." General Discussion on intertwining maths and stories; Discussing various ways of adding maths to your stories; Discussing […]

Fanfic Challenges and Developing Skills

Siobhanthewriter_shivahn - Twitch Channel

Fanfiction, in general, is an interesting place to start learning your craft and the challenges that you can find helps you hone your skills in new and interesting ways. From […]

Novel Writing for ESL/EFL Writers

LadyofZombies - Twitch Channel

A look at teaching novel writing (NaNoWriMo YWP) to students. In particular, this panel will focus on teaching this skill in regards to ESL and EFL students.

Writing Trans Characters

Siobhanthewriter_shivahn - Twitch Channel

How to keep representation true and not excessively trope-ish or cliche

Running a Successful International Event

NinaRose_StarlightRepose - Twitch Channel

All the details about how to run a successful and organized international event. The OHHOW admin team takes a dive into what they do to prepare and run a large […]


Purpleheart_nathaliabooks - Twitch Channel

How to make a retelling, the resource, the writing of one.

Better Beta Reading!

TaraFaeBelle - Twitch Channel

So you've been asked (or offered) to beta-read for someone. Now what? If they don't tell you, what sort of feedback are they looking for? What sort of feedback should […]

Self-Inserts Aren’t the Enemy – No, Really!

Amandapandasensei - Twitch Channel

Some of our first stories are self-insert stories, be they adventures or romances that center the author as the star. Are these characters always a sign of an unimaginative writer? […]

Fantasy/Paranormal Writing

WoeNellyMedia - Twitch Channel

Meet the authors that stretch their imaginations to the limits to bring you amazing new worlds. Get into the minds of those that mix romance with bloodsuckers and spooks, monsters […]

Valuing Slow Writing

TheeRhetoric - Twitch Channel

Today, much writing––and really, digital writing––is composed and distributed so rapidly. Writing sprints on Twitch. 280 characters on Twitter. One-minute videos. Images with captions and links in profile bios. News […]

How to Use Science to Shape Worlds & Stories

AuthorGoddess - Twitch Channel

A discussion about some broad topics that writers might come across when planning their worlds or looking for new ways to write their stories or even new things to write […]

Social Media Presence and Interaction

Shyredfox - Twitch Channel

If social media isn’t mainly about selling your book or service, then what is it about? And what about followers and likes? Join us as we chat about effective use […]

Description and Dialogue

Elikwake - Twitch Channel

It seems like everyone has a strength in writing when it comes to description or dialogue, but rarely do the twain ever meet. Join us for a conversation about how […]

Writing on Medium

Inkflamewriter - Twitch Channel

Looking for a platform that helps you build an audience, pays you for reads, and lets you keep the rights to everything you post? Medium is the place! In this […]


UsurperKings - Twitch Channel

Flash fiction (5 -1000 words) is a concise format, meant to focus on a single theme and moment. Each word needs to own its’ sense of place. Through Con/dense/, author […]

Organize and Chat

LadyMabes - Twitch Channel

Creating spreadsheets and organizing your words while chatting about all things writing. Many authors write several books. Blurbs, info, and time lines can get a little lost. I've created several […]

Making Fantasy Worlds Interesting

Siobhanthewriter_shivahn - Twitch Channel

Have you ever thought your fantasy world was bland? In this panel, experienced worldbuilders explain how to put your own spin on things. Learn how to bring your fantasy worlds […]

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