Welcome to the Writers CONduit 2022 schedule

Panels are still tentative at this time and are subject to change by the time of the convention. 

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Opening Ceremonies

Writers CONduit - Twitch Channel

Opening Ceremonies to kick off the 2022 Writers CONduit! Meet the planning committee and learn what's in store for the convention.


Immersing Your Audience

RPGDinosaurBob - Twich Channel

Tricks and techniques for bringing your audience into your setting rather than having them watching from afar.

The Secrets to Writing Sprints & Tracking Sheets

WriterGreg - Twitch Channel

A discussion on how writing sprints and tracking sheets help new writers establish positive habits. Real-time sprints, tracking and prompts will be included. Join WriterGreg as he walks you through the secrets to improved writing speed and productivity.

Food for thought: How Cooking and Eating effects culture and vice versa

Game of Tomes - Twitch Channel

Food is everywhere, whether food is a step in your day or one of the joys in life everyone experiences food on some level. Why is it then that it is treated like copy and paste set dressing? There is more to how food influences, and is influenced by culture than simply being eaten. Come […]

Furry Fiction: A Rapidly Growing Sub-Genre

Siobhanthewriter_shivahn - Twitch Channel

Furry fiction is a rapidly growing sub-genre of sf/f with its own readers, publishers, writing guild, pro-zine, anthology scene, and annual awards. Learn about how to navigate this scene and get the most out of the furry fiction you’re probably already writing without knowing the name for it.

Overcoming Writer’s Block and Burnout

SigmaXDcoach - Twitch Channel

Writing Block and burnout can sap a writer of their creativity and stall their progress. Join Life Coach Greg as he shares simple patterns that can help you kick start and maintain your creativity!

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