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Alexander Cuenin

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Amy Winters-Voss

Amy (she/her) released her debut novel Rise (a modern mythological urban fantasy set in Japan) on April 30, 2021. Currently she’s working on the sequel, and she finds there are way too many ideas to put each on paper. She founded the Anvilite Streamers Corps and streams writing and crafts on Twitch.

Andrea Donso

Andrea Donoso (she/her) is a mom and social communicator who started writing her first short stories and novels a few months ago, after years of being afraid of the “”white page.”” She was diagnosed with ADD when she was in her early 30s, so she spent her education dealing with ADD without medication. Today she uses that experience (and meds) to improve her productivity and concentration. Giving out this knowledge to her students. Andrea is a professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Santiago de Chile, you can find her on twitch, twitter and instagram at @theandreadonoso

Anna Belle

Anna Belle (she/her) is a writer and variety streamer on Twitch. She is currently working on her debut novel, The Beautiful Rebellion, a dystopian new adult centering around a society that bases everything around your natural physical beauty. Anna streams everything from her weekly planner set up to writing sprints to gaming. You can find her at @annabellewrites or on Instagram @annabellewrites

Ashley B Pedigo

Hi! I’m Ashley (she/her), a storyteller for children and adults, a songwriter, and I host productivity sprints over on Twitch ashleybpedigo. I usually have way too many projects going at once, and I like it that way. You can learn more about me by visiting my website at www.ashleybpedigo.com or on Instagram @ashleybpedigo.

Bob (he/him) has been a Gamemaster since the days before Dungeons & Dragons had version numbers. He’s happy to bring his almost 45 years of worldbuilding and TTRPG running and playing to CONduit. Bob streams on Twitch: RPGDinosaurBob regularly, and he’s currently working on bringing his latest worldbuilding effort, Cartyrion to the marketplace.

Brian Loughlin

Hello everyone! I’m Brian (he/him), a graduate of the State University of New York at Oswego’s creative writing program. I’ve been wanting to be an author since my teens, and while life has sent me in on a more traditional life path, I’ve never stopped looking sideways at that dream. For the last 10 years or so, I’ve been writing in little workshops in my town, and our group self-published a small anthology of our stream of consciousness writing sprints. Recently, however, I found a way to make my writing more real; I began Twitch streaming my writing in November of 2020. Join me on weekends on Twitch at 10am EST! @authorbrianlou. You can support me on Patreon as well: TheLoosePage.


Cat Rambo

Cat Rambo (they/she) lives, writes, and teaches somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Their 250+ fiction publications include stories in Asimov’s, Clarkesworld Magazine, and The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Their most recent works are And The Last Trump Shall Sound (co-written with James Morrow and Harry Turtledove, Arc Manor) and fantasy novel Exiles of Tabat (Wordfire Press, May, 2021). Forthcoming is space opera You Sexy Thing (Tor Macmillan, September, 2021), as well as an anthology, The Reinvented Heart (Arc Manor, February, 2022), co-edited with Jennifer Brozek. Follow them on twitter as @catrambo.

Catrina Taylor

Science Fiction Author, Catrina Taylor (aka TheLadyWrites) (she/her) has lived in the future for most of her career. Her greatest passion though, is her children. As they develop their own creativity it drives her to continue creating and playing in new worlds. She shares what she’s learned on Twitch as theladywrites, but you can find her on twitter and discord too.

Cesar Garcia Salinas

Cesar Garcia Salinas (he/him) is a Mexican writer of silly actiony serials. Gamer and movie fan, specially b-movies. Ask me about cheap Italian films from the 80s and I’ll never shut up. My twitch channel is CesarTheWriter and my twitter is @CesarTheWriter.



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Chloe Alice Balkin

Chloe Alice Balkin (she/her) is the author of several steamy paranormal, sci-fi, and contemporary romance novels, as well as frequent contributor of flash erotica on Medium. She’s also the co-host of the Word Stitch Write-Ins livestreams and a professional cake decorator when she’s not writing. You can find links to all her books at https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/18997150.Chloe_Alice_Balkin and her flash erotica at https://chloe-balkin.medium.com/. Follow her on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/chloealicebalkin for productivity sprints.


Coffee Quills is a quaffer of coffee, a hugger of hedgehogs, and a slinger of ink. They write along the speculative fiction range and have stories involving everything from apocalypses to zombies, usually ending with an optimistic slant. Coffee enjoys mashing together genres, and that can be seen in the groups they haunt. A staff member of 4thewords (an RPG for writers), they are also a part of the NaNoWriMo, World Anvil, and the Writer’s Workout communities—and this isn’t including being the head of House Mollusca in The Game of Tomes! Coffee enjoys mashing genres together and is always happy to say hello to a new friend! (Drop a hello on Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, or at 4thewords!)

Cryssalia Noire

Cryssalia Noire (They/Them)”22, College Student from Malaysia, Currently pursuing English Degree Twitch: Cryssalia Twitter: Cryssalia


David Alan Lucas

Former President of St. Louis Writers Guild and Martial Arts instructor David Alan Lucas (he/him) has published short fiction, poetry, and non-fiction in magazines and e-zines. He focuses his fiction writing on telling stories with a psychological approach. David has written stories in mystery, horror, science fiction, radio plays, screenplays, and graphic novel scripts. As a martial artist and instructor, David is a Yodan (Fourth Degree Black Belt) and an award-winning Karate champion. However, he considers his most outstanding trophies to be his survival in real-life situations and the development of his students. You can visit his website and sign up for his newsletter at www.davidalanlucas.com and follow him on Twitch at www.twitch.tv/davidalanlucas.

David Bockenkamp

David Bockenkamp (he/him) has been involved with the entertainment industry since 2009. Starting as an actor, he has built up his skillset to include script writing in various formats, audio work, and much more. Currently he has a Bachelor’s (Summa cum Laude) in Acting and is going into a Master’s program for Creative Writing. You can find him at https://www.twitch.tv/sheriff_flynn


Worldbuilder and freelance fantasy cartographer. Twitch: Dhelian – Twitter @DheliansMaps

Diane Morrison

Diane Morrison (Sable Aradia) (she/they) is a “hybrid” science fiction and fantasy author. A fighting arts enthusiast, World Anvilite, and part-time musician and filker, they are one of the creators of the Game of Tomes Twitch writing game. She likes pickles and bluegrass, and hates talking about herself. Join them on Twitch at http://www.twitch.tv/sablearadia for writing advice and Pomodoro sprints, or check out their live Kickstarter for their novel, A Few Good Elves, at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sablearadia/a-few-good-elves ! You can also find her posting about writing, sci-fi and fantasy, and social justice on Twitter @SableAradia.

Dimitris Havlidis

One-eyed, Application Architect, Team Manager, User Experience researcher, designer, teacher, life long student and passionate storyteller that loves all things fantasy and science fiction and lemon pies. Used to take photos everyday and now wishes he had more time to do so. From a very young age I have found myself wearing many hats ranging from, front-end developer and back-end developer to photographer and designer and I consider myself lucky to had the opportunity to nurture these skills. I am passionate about architecting medium and large scale applications and User Experience research. I consider writing code extremely important for anyone who wants to keep in touch with his team and his art and I still do in some capacity. I am an advocate of Agile and more specifically Kan-Ban as well as life long education and I am doing my best to promote and help my teams to grow and learn something new everyday. Passionate about creating and writing as a hobby and evolved in a variety of projects, I keep busy and enjoy my life, living with my beautiful soprano of a wife and our three cats. 


Hello, my name is DMStretch and I’ve been role playing for a few years now, having been into fantasy and all manner of gaming since I was a kid. I stream TTRPG content, writing adventures and making home brews. Also the occasional live stream role play games as well as playing video games. 



ElementEds/Tal (she/her) has been a freelance fiction editor for over 10 years. Trading as Kat Betts for Element Editing Services, Tal specializes in fantasy and science-fiction manuscripts; she loves every second of her job. She lives in Australia and can be found as @elementeds on most social media sites, or you can check her out on Twitch under that same handle. To find out more about Tal, aka Kat, feel free to drop by https://elementeds.com or simply say hello!

Eli Kwake (they/them/theirs) doesn’t do boring. When they aren’t writing, they’re doing theater, burlesque, or making mischief at a renaissance festival. But mostly they’re writing, lost in a world of their own making. After all, why live in reality when there are so many other worlds to explore? https://www.twitch.tv/elikwake https://twitter.com/EliKwake

Erin (she/her) is the creator of Stranded on Earth, her comic underworld of darkly silly cartoons featuring such characters as Leora, the Grumptipus, and the Egghead Plushpuppets. When she isn’t cartooning as a low-cost alternative to therapy, Erin enjoys gaming, drawing portraits, and bellydancing. She currently lives in a rice field in Japan. – Website: strandedonearthcomic.com – Instagram: @strandedonearth13 – Twitch: faeowyn13 –

Erin (he/him) is one of the founders of Game of Tomes


Fen Winters

Fen (she/they) is a Queer Nonbinary writer and streamer living in the UK with 4 housemates and 5 cats. They once responded to a prompt asking what would happen if Aliens invaded and the Old Gods returned to defend humanity, and was surprised and flattered when it went viral.

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Geoff Habiger

For 17 years Geoff Habiger (he/him) has been a co-owner of Artemesia Publishing. He is also an author with seven books and multiple short stories published. Geoff grew up in the wild hinterland of the Flint Hills of Kansas. He’d awaken in the morning to the sounds of peacocks and roaring lions (no, really – we lived below the city zoo) and would trudge to school, walking up hill both ways. (Again true. Welcome to the Flint Hills.) He attended Kansas State University and got a B.S. degree in geology, which helped him work varied careers in fast food, retail, pharmaceuticals, and publishing. He has lived in New Mexico since 2005. — Twitter: @ArtemesiaGeoff —

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Graeme “POCGamer” Barber

Graeme (he/him) is a RPG critic, designer, and freelance writer located in BC. With a background in archaeology, professional scuba diving, and the military, Graeme started writing in 2013, and started seriously writing after prodding from Diane Morrison in 2016. Blog: https://pocgmaer.com — Games: https://gbdw.itch.io/ — Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/panzerlion — Twitter: @POCGamer

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Gregory Lemon

Gregory Lemon (He/Him) fell in love with stories with a book of Greek myths from a school library. He fell in love with reading while using the entire Harry Potter series as a bed time story for his five children, twice. He fell in love with fiction writing while trying a change from the daily emails. He has streamed his Twitch Show “Morning Marches” since June of 2020 and has encourages all of his viewers to “Keep on writing!” He earned the Distinguished Toastmaster Award as a member of the Precision Speakers Club of Toastmasters International. He can be found at WriterGreg.com and other links are available at linktr.ee/WriterGreg. His Twitch channel is twitch.tv/writergreg

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Heather W. Adams

Heather W. Adams (she/her/hers/herself) is a Canadian author of queer, kinky, slice-of-life fiction that is compassionate and character-driven. She is fascinated by issues of consent and communication and the ways different understandings of the world challenge even people who are doing their best to be good to one another. She streams daily at https://www.twitch.tv/angsthase

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I (he/him) am a frequent participant in creative writing streams. I am the part founder of the Twitch Writer’s Network Discord Community. I have been writing and streaming off and on for many years. I consider myself a hobbyist that gets an itch sometimes and I get frequently distracted by new plot ideas. You can find my twitch channel at @itanshi and TWN at http://writersnetworkttv.com

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J.E. Cearlock

J.E. Cearlock (He/Him/His) is an English teacher in France, J.E. has been writing since the tender age of seven. He started the first book of his series series at fifteen and wrote a gay Sailor Moon parody series in college. Currently he and his husband live on the western coast of France where they spend most of their time reading, writing, or playing video games. J.E. also runs the YouTube channel The First is the Worst (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj-ySVhoX4Phgalwh1UnC-w) dedicated to helping authors with the first chapters of their novels.

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Jamie Dalton of Magnetra’s Design

Jamie Dalton of Magnetra’s Design (She/her) is a book cover designer who loves all things fantasy. A little over a year ago while on the hunt for a book cover for her debut novel she thought to herself “”I can do that!”” and began her journey of creating marketable windows into books for other authors. Her covers adorn multiple best selling author’s books and series. Facebook: Magnetra’s Design www.magentrasdesign.com

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Janet Forbes

Janet Forbes (J.D. Blythe) is a fantasy author, game developer and velociraptor. In 2017 she co-founded World Anvil (https://www.worldanvil.com), the worldbuilding, writing and tabletop RPG platform which boasts a community of 1.5 million users. Janet publishes fantasy fiction under the pen name J.D. Blythe, and was the main author of The Dark Crystal RPG (2021) with Riverhorse Games and the Henson Company. As a D&D performer she has played professionally for the likes of Wizards of the Coast, Modiphius and Wyrd Games. Janet is passionate about teaching, and has given seminars on writing and other topics for Exeter University, GenCon, Dragonmeet, the Circle of Worldbuilders and more, as well as her own youtube channel where she shares advice and interviews. Janet holds a BA and MA in Early Music Performance, is an experienced archaeologist, and speaks 5 languages. — Website: World Anvil — Twitter: @WorldAnvil — Twitter: @JD_Blythe — YouTube: WorldAnvil — Instagram: @WorldAnvil — Facebook: WorldAnvil

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Jasmin Nyack

Jasmin Nyack (she/her) is CoffeeQuill’s Hammer Mod, Jasmin is a strange and unusual creature prone to late nights, excessive tea, and baking around her writing. Published traditionally once with a short story in the Pulp Literature magazine, she is creeping her way into the writing world, one strange fact at a time. If, by some strange chance, you want a very quirky assortment of posts on your timeline, follow her at @101mystic on twitter and Instagram.

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Jean Smith

Jean (They/Their, He/Him), Otherwise widely known as Pride Ascending, is a Queer Autistic writer who has been writing stories and exploring vast worlds through words since a young age. They’re best known for spending more time showing off their animals and demystifying common misconceptions about them than writing. You can find them over on twitch at PrideAscending.

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Jemma Hooper

Jemma (She/Her) is an as-of-yet unpublished author who has been honing her abilities as a writer since her teens. As a disabled trans woman, Jemma brings a wide range of perspectives to her writing and is in the process of editing “Transitions”, an anthology of trans-themed short fiction, whilst also making progress on her first novel, “The Agenda”. Follow Jemma on Twitch at https://twitch.tv/StoryGirl and on twitter at https://twitter.com/bluejaygliding.

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Jessie Jing

Jessie Jing / JingJingely (she/her) is a Malaysian dance artist, choreographer and writer. She is currently completing her MFA in Choreography at Trinity Laban as a Leverhulme Arts scholar, with her research surrounding the symbiosis of dance, poetry, and the study of space. Jessie published her poetry book ‘Manuscripts of the Mind’ with Ghost & Ribbon Publishing in 2020. —Twitch: twitch.tv/jingjingely — Twitter: twitter.com/jingely —