CONduit Terms and Definitions

Hello to all and good time zone, 

We understand that the terms Writers CONduit uses (along with the terms’ definitions, Twitch meanings, and Discord meanings) may have been a little difficult to understand since they are very similar to each other (CONduit “host” and Twitch “host” are different after all). There was a joke about making up our own names for things ( sirens + griffins + dragon-oh my!), and I think next year (2022) that’s exactly what we’ll be doing so there’s no casting of mass confusion.

For now, 2021 though, here is a list of the updated terms Writers CONduit is using:

Panel Host

The Panel Host is the person who is running their Twitch channel and having the Panel Lead and Presenters appear/talk on their streaming channel. They should be doing their best to guide the conversation and ask questions, and can depend on their Panel Lead for help. 

Hosts will need to have/do: a Twitch channel, knowledge of how to use Twitch, a list of basic questions to ask their Lead & Presenters, have moderators at the ready, and a willingness to be awake & online at a specific and host panel. 

(In some cases, a Panel Host may also be a Panel Participant – this is not the case for every panel. This is NOT the Twitch definition of “/host”.)

Panel Lead

The Panel Lead is a person known to have experience/knowledge about the panel topic and can be depended on to lead the discussion, make their own comments, and help wrangle the discussion. In some cases they offered up this topic as a panel they were happy to talk on. Please talk with your Host about how you both want to have the panel run. 

(In some cases, the Host and Lead may co-guide the panel together – it depends on how much experience and knowledge the Host has.)


A Panelist is a person, not the Lead, who has a different point of view, is adding to the discussion, and is bringing their experience to the streamed panel. 

Panel Participant

A person who is in the chat/audience of the panel and possibly asking questions via chat (those questions should caught by Twitch moderators and/or the Host so that they can be asked before the panel finishes). If you do not have a Twitch account but still wish to comment, that’s what our Discord Rooms are for: chat channels on the Writers CONduit discord server for use during the panel.


A Present is a solo person in charge of a workshop or presentation during CONduit. 

Twitch Moderator

The Twitch Moderator, for the duration of CONduit, needs to have moderator access to the Twitch channel they are helping with so that they can delete inappropriate chat messages, wield a ban hammer in case it’s needed with trolls, can when questions are asked by the audience they can make sure the Host/Lead knows about the question. 

(Please use the offered and created Discord Room Backstage channel.)

Discord Moderator

A person willing to help answer questions, toss questions to someone up the chain who is able to answer them, and help put out “fiery” discussions. 

Planning Committee

A person from the volunteer group of Twitch writers who is writing a new chapter for how the writer community can connect and find each other on Twitch. If you have a question (or concern), these are the people that should hear it. 

Did we miss a term you’d like to see defined? Have any further questions? You may either leave a comment below or ask in the discord #helpdesk