CONduit Terminology

Panels during Writers CONduit are scheduled livestream events that are on a topic that would interest the greater writing community.


The Unicorn is a cherished creature by all at Writer's Conduit.

As keeper of the grove, and protector of the portal, they use their magic to connect to a wondrous world beyond, aka their twitch channel. Their magic heals all tech issues. The knowledge they share directs Sphynx and visitors alike to the next portal location.

May their grove grow strong and last an eon.


The blended Chimera must lead the contingent, aka the panel.

It is their endeavor to lead with a fair hand, powerful will, and massive heart. They protect the dialog of their compatriots, allowing each contribution to be shared and heard. They team with the stream Sphinxes to keep out the trolls, and protect the visitors from unrest. Their unique skills allow them to direct, diffuse, or deflect as needed.

The Chimera leads with honor.


The unique perspective of the flying Griffin provides the knowledge all seek.

Their knowledge and experience is shared freely through the portals provided by the Unicorns. Partnered with the Chimera, they ensure the connection visitors leave enlightened.

Panelist – Extend a wing of knowledge and help others soar with their new information. 


The ancient gatekeeper of mystery and knowledge, the Sphinx aka stream moderator, protects all who would enter.

This gifted protector looks after the visitors and contingent alike. Collecting riddles, or questions to be shared is a moment of engagement, empowering the Sphinx to find trolls among the gathered. As the Griffin defers to the Chimera and shares a role with the Unicorn, those riddles and questions may flow through.

(at the end of the conversation, the sphinx will share the gathered questions with the panelists)


Fly above the gathering, ensuring the safety of all involved.

A dragon will visit as often as possible, enabling and empowering the teams in each portal. The expended energy continues to keep the flame of excitement alive! They are the go to for assistance if the mysterious and allusive technical magic is not working out for the Unicorn. They are the last line of defense should trolls arrive, and they fiercely defend their domain.

Keep in mind, Dragons enjoy roasted trolls with a little ketchup or hot sauce. 

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed on this web site, in the official Discord, and by volunteer streamers during presentations/panels are not necessarily those of Writers CONduit.

Any information obtained in the course of the development of the event will be utilized for planning, communicating, and coordinating. All data is reserved for this use alone.